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What Your Plumber Doesn’t Want You to Put Down Your Sink

When you have a blocked sink and need a plumber in Newcastle, Murphy Plumbing should be your first call.


We have well qualified and trained plumbers who can do just about any job for you, including unblocking sink drains.


While it’s nice to have us on call for problems, it’s a good idea to care for your plumbing by not putting things down the sink drain that aren’t meant to be there.


Here are some items to toss in the trash instead to save you the trouble of a blocked drain.


Coffee Grounds


You may not be able to start your day with your morning cup of coffee but putting the grounds down the sink is a big mistake.


Some plumbers say that coffee grounds are the leading cause of blocks in the sink. That’s because they can build up inside the pipe and eventually block the water from getting down. 




Eggs make a great meal, but the shells should always go into the rubbish bin instead of the sink drain.


Even using your garbage disposal doesn’t work.


It simply results in tiny pieces that combine with oil, grease and other debris, leading to a ball of gunk that can easily block the drain and keep the water from flowing properly. 


Oil and Grease


Oil and grease may seem harmless going down the sink, but that’s not actually true.


They work as a binder, grabbing onto other items that go down the drain, which is thick, sticky globs of debris that coat the pipes and prevent anything from passing through.


Oil, fat and grease are the leading cause of overflows in the sink so it’s better to cool them, then pour into a jar or can and dispose of in the waste bin. 


Pasta and Rice


If you have leftover pasta or rice, consider saving them for another meal instead of throwing them away.


If they do need to go, never put them in the sink.


Both pasta and rice will continue to absorb water in the drain, causing them to expand, which can lead to a blockage.


Because both are so sticky when they’re wet, they can also trap and collect other debris that comes down the drain, leading to coated pipes and globs that prevent proper water flow.


It’s best to put these items into the rubbish bin instead. 


Call Murphy Plumbing anytime you have a blocked drain and we’ll be there to help in no time.