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Hydrant Flow Testing Throughout NSW & ACT

Hydrant flow testing is required by Australian Standards to ensure that fire protection systems are working when needed. All fire hydrants across Australia should be inspected at regular intervals by qualified and trained inspectors to ensure that they are working correctly. At Murphy Plumbing, we are qualified to perform hydrant flow testing for clients and contractors across Newcastle. Our fire hydrant testing is through, ensuring that your fire hydrants are in good working order so that, should the worst happen, your staff and property are protected.

hydrant flow testing

What are my obligations for hydrant flow testing?

As specified in AS 1851 section 4, the minimum requirements for hydrant flow testing across Australia include:

If you are responsible for fire hydrants in Newcastle, it’s your obligation to ensure that your fire hydrants are assessed on a regular basis as part of your regular commercial fire testing precautions, including annual inspections by a qualified inspector.

Hydrant flow testing services

At Murphy Plumbing, we carry out thorough hydrant flow tests for commercial clients across Newcastle and surrounding areas. Our hydrant flow tests include everything you need to ensure that your hydrants are in good working order, including:

Why is hydrant flow testing important?

It’s incredibly important that hydrant flow tests are carried out regularly on all hydrants across Australia. Without a qualified tester ensuring that fire hydrants are working correctly, fire hydrants could be found to be faulty at the critical moment. Should a fire break out on or near your site, your local fire services team will arrive quickly and use the nearest fire hydrant to put the fire out. If the hydrant isn’t working, not only could this endanger both life and property, but it could also fall on the shoulders of the person or agency responsible for regular hydrant testing.

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is a method of determining the condition of an object, or system, under pressure. The purpose of the hydrostatic pressure test is to prove the replaced parts and the piping system can sustain the elevated water pressures applied during fire fighting operations. The testing is completed on rechargeable fire extinguisher tanks to evaluate the cylinder’s ability to hold pressure.  Hydrostatic testing is often used to test for leaks in some types of equipment by applying pressure to it and then measuring any change in volume. Hydrostatic testing has many uses and benefits that make it an important part of quality assurance programs worldwide!

AS2419 Fire Hydrant Installations

As per the government regulations, you will need to comply with this standard if you intend to design, install or commission fire hydrants. This standard specifies requirements for the design, installation, commissioning and testing of fire hydrant installations. It applies to on-site fire hydrant installations, that is, fire hydrant installations used to protect buildings, structures, storage yards, marinas and associated moored vessels, wharves and plant. Further information on the standard can be found here.

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If you’re looking for professional hydrant flow testers in Newcastle, contact us at Murphy Plumbing today. We carry out all of our hydrant tests to Australian Standards, ensuring that your hydrants are in full working order and suitable for the site they’re located on. To keep your staff and site visitors safe no matter what happens, contact us today to arrange your next hydrant flow test in Newcastle or surrounding areas. Our professional fire hydrant experts will be happy to discuss hydrant safety and fire testing with you.