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What to do If You Smell Gas in Your Home

If you smell gas inside your building or home:

  1. Turn off all appliances and pilot lights.
  2. Ensure there are no sources of ignition.
  3. Turn off your supply at the gas meter.
  4. Open all doors and windows for ventilation.
  5. If the smell diminishes this could indicate an appliance fault and you will need to contact a licenced gasfitter to check your appliances.
  6. Contact your licensed gas fitter to repair the escape and relight appliances.

Owning a home means strange smells on occasion, many of which aren’t harmful. For example, you might smell dirt after a heavy rainstorm. One smell you should never ignore is that of gas. Here at Murphy Plumbing, we are dedicated to helping you keep your house as safe as possible, both for yourself and for your family. A gas fitter in Newcastle is the obvious person to call if you smell gas in your home and we employ some of the best. Here’s what to do if you detect a gas smell. 

Identify the Smell

Natural gas gives off a rotten egg scent so if you smell it and there are no eggs being cooked, you could have a gas leak. If this is the case, you need to act immediately for the safety of your family. Don’t waste time asking others to see if they smell it too. Alert anyone in the house and ask them to leave immediately.

Open the Windows and Turn Off the Gas

Once you suspect that there’s a gas leak in your house, turn off the gas stove and any other gas lines in the house. Then open the windows throughout your home to help the smell dissipate and keep it from becoming too concentrated inside the house. Once that’s done, you need to leave the house and get outside.

Call For Help

You’ve turned off the gas and cleared everyone out of your house so you know that you and your family are safe. Now it’s time to call the authorities. If you smell gas in your house, that’s considered an emergency and you should call 000 for help. Be ready to provide your address and an explanation of what’s going on so that the proper emergency personnel can be dispatched to assist you. Then you can give us a call for help fixing the leak. 

Signs of a Gas Leak

In some cases, you’ll notice signs that you have a gas leak before you ever smell gas. This should alert you to the problem so that you can get it taken care of immediately. These signs include shrubs and plants that are turning brown or dying without an explanation. You might also notice bubbles in your water or a hissing sound near your gas lines. These are all signs that should be looked at right away.

Do you think you might have a gas leak in your home? Call us here at Murphy Plumbing for an expert gas fitter in Newcastle.