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What is the average water bill in Newcastle?

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What is the average water bill in Newcastle?

Based on the average family water usage in the region and the required flat fees, a typical water bill would come to about $272 per quarter.


Dwelling Average Quarterly Water Bill in Newcastle
House $272

Average quarterly water bill by state

State Average Quarterly Water Bill
Western Australia $234
New South Wales $246
Victoria $259
Queensland $300
South Australia $324
Tasmania $365

Source: Canstar Blue research, May 2020.


During spring and summer, we’ve been experiencing what is known as a La Niña season, which has brought in extreme wet conditions to most of Australia and is predicted to continue for the next couple of months. Because of this, our dams are full for the first time in years, but what does this mean for our water bills and water consumption for 2021?

The majority of the water for the Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region comes from the Paterson and Allyn Rivers and the Chichester Dam. The Chichester Dam is the second-largest supplier of drinking water to the Lower Hunter.

On average, 205 Megalitres (ML) is supplied to the Lower Hunter and Newcastle region. This is the equivalent of around 82 Olympic size swimming pools of water!


How to break down your bill

While full dams are positive news, understanding your water bill is vital so you know where you can still cut back on consumption and save.

The bill is calculated quarterly and covers:

  • The usage-based water consumption charge

This is the fee based on actual water used and is a single amount per kilolitre. The drinking water charge for the Newcastle, Hunter Region is $2.34 per kL. This price is the same for both single-family homes and apartments or flats and based on an average monthly bill, it will come in at around $134.

  • The fixed water service availability charge

This is the fixed annual fee made up of the connection and is the same for single-family homes or apartments. Currently, the base water service charge for homeowners in Newcastle is $75.01 per year. When broken down three times per year the charge is $25 and this is regardless to how much water your family uses.

  • The fixed wastewater (sewage) service availability charge

There is also a fixed annual fee for sewer water and this is $635.85 per year for houses and $508.67 for apartments in the Hunter Region.

  • Environmental improvement charge

In addition, the Hunter Water region has a charge for improving the infrastructure of the sewer system. All Hunter Water customers have to pay this fee, no matter which part of their region. The latest data lists this fee at $40.46 per year, which equates to $13.48 each billing period.


How does your bill compare with other States and territories?

According to a survey conducted by Canstar Blue, the average quarterly water bill in Australia is $272. Households in Western Australia reported the lowest average water bills at $234, while those in Tasmania reported the highest average at $365.

While it’s easy to think that because we’ve had so much rain lately, we don’t need to be water-wise, but adopting water-wise strategies in your home can be a great way to save money on your next bill and help the future of your regions water supply.

Stick to the Hunter Water rules

The Hunter Water authority has rules designed to help customers and homeowners conserve as much water as possible. Some of these are:

  • Hoses must have trigger nozzles – this helps create a more powerful stream so you can get the job done more effectively and use less water in the process.

  • No watering outside between 10 am – 4 pm. Watering outside of those hours, including in the middle of the night, minimises evaporation so that the water has a chance to soak into the soil so the plants can absorb it.

  • Wash your car with a bucket – When washing your car, you must use a bucket or a hose with a trigger nozzle rather than a standard hose.

  • No washing footpaths and driveways – solid surfaces should never be washed with a hose, even if it has a trigger nozzle. You may, however, use a hose with a trigger nozzle to wash the structure of your house, including the walls, windows, roof and gutters.

When it comes to saving money on your water bill, some simple ideas make a big difference over time.  Even if you only reduce your water bill by $25 each month, that’s an extra $300 you’ll save in a year.

Murphy plumbing can help you install water-saving devices and fix any leaks you might be experiencing, causing your water bills to soar. Contact us for more information on how we can help your home be more water-wise!