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Enabling us to provide a range of different gas fitting and installation services. We are fully licensed to perform any pipe-work and we can work with all types of gas fittings. Our team travels in fully equipped mobile units, which carry all the tools and parts required to perform gas fitting tasks on-site.

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For more information regarding our gas installation services or to make a booking, please contact our team at Murphy Plumbing today. We operate throughout the Central Coast and Hunter regions—including NewcastleMaitland, Merewether, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Valley.

Gas Fitting

Gas is a highly volatile fuel and we place a top priority on all aspects of safety in everything we do. From installations to lasting, quality repairs, our expert gas fitters provide the peace of mind that only comes through working with licensed professionals.

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Gas Appliance Installation

If you have recently purchased a new gas appliance, then you will require a qualified gas fitter to complete the installation for you. We can also install and commission a new gas line if required or extend your existing one, so you can place your new appliance where it is most convenient. Of course, all our gas installations are fully compliant and we provide customers with a gas compliance certificate on completion. Our staff are experienced, reliable and will treat your home and property with the same level of respect that we would treat their own.

Gas Heating Installation & Repairs

All of our plumbers are skilled and licensed gas fitters, so we can take care of everything connected with your gas heating. From installing pipework to repairing gas stoves, you can rely on our team at Murphy Plumbing. Our mobile units are equipped with all the spares and service items we need to tackle your gas heating issues.

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Emergency Gas Repairs

If you are concerned you have a gas leak or one of your gas appliances is faulty, contact our team immediately for our emergency service. Gas leaks can be dangerous, so if you have any concerns, call us, and we will send out a qualified gas fitter any time of day or night.

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What does a gas fitter do?

As every homeowner knows, working gas lines and appliances are absolutely essential to the safety and functionality of a property. Damage to gas lines could lead to gas leaks, thus endangering the health of you and your loved ones or potentially even sparking a gas explosion. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a relatively rare but serious condition that can occur as a result of gas leaks, and it is vital that homeowners are alert to its dangers. Fortunately, professional gas fitters are readily available for hire to address any gas-related issues and perform safety checks if necessary. If you’re wondering what kinds of tasks this role involves, we’ve put together a brief guide below:  

1. Understanding building plans

Working on gas lines involves careful planning, requiring gas fitters to read the floor plans of buildings they are working on very closely. To obtain a professional licence, gas fitters are required to undergo rigorous training to ensure they are able to read complex architectural sketches and put them to practical use.  

2. Connecting properties to gas lines

This is one of the most common and important jobs that gas fitters undertake, as it helps to ensure that property owners are supplied with enough gas to perform household tasks such as cooking and turning on the heating. Of course, thanks to the highly flammable nature of natural gas, fitters are specially trained to tap into lines safely, avoiding hazardous leaks.  

3. Connecting appliances to gas lines

As well as connecting property gas lines to main neighbourhood gas lines, fitters are responsible for hooking appliances up to the system and ensuring that they are in good working order. This could include, amongst other things, a cooker or boiler.  

4. Repairing gas lines and appliances

Gasfitters are trained to fix damaged lines, as well as appliances such as gas regulators, burners, and gas metres. Repairing gas metres is particularly vital as a broken metre could lead to false gas reading, mechanical issues, and poor gas flow management.  

5. Annual gas checks

It is recommended that homeowners have their gas lines surveyed and, if necessary, repaired at least once a year. Even if you cannot spot any visible damage to your gas pipes, there are several other indicators of system impairment that should prompt you to make a call to a friendly local gas fitter. These include odd smells, changes in the appearance of flames produced by your burners, and a deterioration in the health of your houseplants.  

6. Installing gas safety systems

A gas fitter will be happy to install safety systems to help keep your home and family safe from leaks. It is important to remember that gas pipes can deteriorate over time. Even if you haven’t actively damaged a gas pipe, they can still present risks if left unexamined for years on end. The best way to stay safe is to install a carbon monoxide detector and book gas safety assessments annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the primary benefits of hiring a gas fitter is the assurance of safety. Gas fitters are trained professionals who understand the intricacies of gas systems, ensuring installations, repairs and checks are carried out with the utmost care. Their in-depth knowledge allows them to handle a variety of gas-related tasks with precision and accuracy.


A gas fitter can identify and address potential issues before they escalate, preventing costly repairs or replacements in the future. Furthermore, licensed gas fitters are updated with the latest regulations and standards, ensuring all work is compliant and helping homeowners avoid potential legal complications or penalties.

Detecting a gas leak is crucial for the safety of your home. While certain gas leaks may be evident due to the distinct odour, other indicators include changes in the appearance of flames produced by your burners, odd smells in the house and a deterioration in the health of your houseplants. If you suspect a gas leak, it’s essential to contact a qualified gas fitter immediately. Regular gas safety assessments can also help in the early detection and prevention of potential leaks.

Yes, at Murphy Plumbing, our team of gas fitters is fully licensed to perform any pipework and handle all types of gas fittings. We prioritise safety in everything we do, ensuring our clients receive reliable services.

Yes, we believe in transparency and ensuring our customers are well-informed. After assessing the scope of the work, we provide a detailed estimate, ensuring there are no hidden surprises. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

A gas compliance certificate is provided to customers after the completion of our gas installations. This certificate ensures the installation meets all regulatory standards and is a testament to the safety and compliance of the work done. It’s an important document that verifies the quality and legality of the gas fitting work.

Gas leaks can be dangerous and require immediate attention. If you have concerns about a potential gas leak or a faulty gas appliance, contact us any time. We have a team of qualified gas fitters available 24/7 to address such emergencies promptly.

It’s recommended to have your gas lines and appliances checked at least once a year. Regular checks help in the early detection of potential issues, ensuring the safety of your home. Even if there’s no visible damage, certain indicators, like odd smells or changes in flame appearance, can signal a need for a check-up.

Gas fitters at Murphy Plumbing are not only licensed but also undergo rigorous training. They use the latest tools and techniques, ensuring that every repair and installation meets the highest standards of quality. Furthermore, after every installation, a gas compliance certificate is provided, which stands as a testament to the quality and safety of the work done.

Given the complexities and potential risks associated with gas installations, it’s highly recommended to hire a licensed gas fitter for such tasks. Installing a gas appliance on your own without adhering to the standards can lead to safety hazards. A qualified gas fitter ensures that the appliance is installed safely and correctly.

Regular checks by a professional can ensure your gas appliance is functioning correctly. However, if you notice any signs of issues, it’s important to contact a gas fitter for a thorough inspection.

Yes, regular safety checks are essential. Gas appliances might appear to be working correctly, but there could be underlying issues that aren’t immediately noticeable. Regular inspections by a qualified gas fitter can identify potential problems early, ensuring the safety of your home and prolonging the life of your appliances.