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Our Plumbers Specialise In Unblocking Drains & Pipes

You’d be surprised how often we get a call-out to fix blocked drains and burst pipes. Fortunately, we have extensive experience in this area and offer a range of solutions to repair any problems. A particularly tricky blockage needs much more than a chemical product – which might only be a temporary fix. Whether it’s a toilet, a sink, a shower, or a bath, we can take care of any blockage that plagues your property. In order to achieve this, we always make use of the latest innovations in plumbing technology.

We Repair Blocked Drains, Leaky Taps & Sewer Issues in Newcastle & the Hunter Valley

Murphy Plumbing provides affordable and efficient services to households throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. including the Central CoastMaitland, Merewether, & Lake Macquarie


Our team of licensed plumbers provide a comprehensive range of drain & sewer maintenance and repair services for residential & commercial customers, including:

If you’d like to book a Newcastle plumber to fix your blocked drain, pipe, or sewer, give us a call today at 02 4963 3922. We also offer emergency plumbing services if this is required!

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We Can Also Repair Or Replace Burst Pipes

If there’s a severe leak on your property, it could mean a burst pipe – and when this happens, it’s essential you take action immediately to get your water system back in working order. In many circumstances, relining could be enough to repair your pipes, but a full replacement is sometimes required.


If the pipe has too much damage for the relining to reliably take hold, the way forward is typically to replace the damaged pipe, or pipes, in their entirety to restore their functionality. Our experienced plumbers will examine your pipes to determine what would be the most cost-effective solution and present you with our recommendations and a quote before any work commences.

Our Newcastle Plumbers Fixing A Burst Pipe
Blocked Sewer Pipes Newcastle

We Fix Blocked Sewers & Complete Sewer Repair Work Throughout Newcastle

Your residential or commercial sewer system is responsible for effectively disposing of waste and ensuring that your drains, and piping, work as they should. We can unblock sewage drains, and repair sewers throughout the Newcastle area to get them back to normal as soon as possible. This may incorporate high-pressure water jets, CCTV, and more of our other services, tailored to match the increased scale of sewer work, up to and including full sewer pipe replacement, which is sometimes the only option.

Our Team Offers Emergency Excavation & Repairs

No matter the type of repairs you need, we can provide our service at any time of the day. We know that plumbing systems can often stop functioning outside normal working hours – but this shouldn’t leave you without water until tomorrow. If you have a plumbing emergency, don’t be afraid to call Murphy Plumbing right away on 02 4963 3922. Some plumbing jobs, especially emergencies, might require a large-scale excavation, and this often involves digging up the ground to access the pipes below before we begin any further work.

Emergency Blocked Drain Repairs Newcastle
Water Blast Drain Cleaning In Newcastle

Water Blast Drain Cleaning Services

With our high-pressure water jetter, we can break up any blockages in your drains so the blockage can be flushed out. Even if your drains aren’t blocked, drain cleaning is an important service that you could benefit from even without a significant blockage. Keeping your drains clean helps take care of odours and improves drainage, which could prevent future blockages from emerging in the first place. 

CCTV Drain Inspections

If you’re unsure about what’s getting in the way of your drain’s water flow, a specialist plumber service may be the only way of finding out and taking action. Our technicians have the training, and equipment, to identify the cause of any leaks or clogs. You might instead choose to do a drain inspection before purchasing a property, or just to check everything’s working as it should be.


No matter what, make sure that you get in touch right away if you suspect a problem. We use a CCTV camera to enable us to determine the cause of the blockage, including whether it is a cracked or broken drain or if sections of the drain will need to be replaced.

CCTV Drain Inspection In Newcastle

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

Blocked drains are something that definitely shouldn’t be ignored, as the problem will inevitably get worse. Unfortunately, blocked drains won’t fix themselves. It’s important to know when to call for our team. Some of the signs may include:

Slow Draining Water

If you’re beginning to notice your toilet, shower or sink water draining slower than usual, you might be facing a blocked drain. If the drainage has stopped entirely this is a sign that the drainage issue is particularly bad, in which case you should immediately give us a call.

Unpleasant Smells

As expected, a blocked drain doesn’t emit a pleasant fragrance, making this one of the biggest tell-tale signs. If bits of food or organic matter is decomposing in the pipes, you’ll smell it. Plus, this is worsened by running the water, which can irritate the bacteria that may have built up.

Gurgling Sounds

If you hear a gurgling sound when flushing the toilet or running the tap, this is another sign of blocked drains. This is usually one of the initial signs, but it’s very easy to write off as a one-off occurrence. However, if this is combined with one of the warning signs above, get in touch with Murphy Plumbing.

Can I prevent my drains becoming blocked?

If your drains become blocked, our team at Murphy Plumbing can easily fix the issue. However, it’s a good idea to try and prevent your drains from becoming blocked a second time. The measures you can take will vary throughout the house, such as:

Tips For Your Kitchen

Monitoring the waste that goes down your drain pipes is the easiest way to prevent drain blockage. Make sure to thoroughly scrape food from plates and use professional soaps to break down any cooking oil.

Tips For Your Bathroom

Foreign objects, for example, hair ties, should not go down the drain. While the object itself may not necessarily cause a blockage, they can collect debris such as hair, which can easily block your drains. Excessive amounts of toilet paper being flushed can also cause a drainage issue, so go easy where possible!

Tips For Outside Your Home

Anything that could cause obstruction such as leaves and garden waste should be kept away from your drains. This can be done by regularly sweeping up any leaves and ensuring that drains don’t overflow at any point. If you’re located in Newcastle and are experiencing some of the signs that your drains may be blocked, get in touch with our team. We can unblock drains and pipes, conduct CCTV drain inspections and water blast drain cleaning, or repair or replace any burst pipes.

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If your drain is blocked and you’re living in Newcastle, there’s no better team to call. We pride ourselves on our efficient and thorough services throughout the Hunter Valley.   We employ a team of extremely knowledgeable and experienced plumbers, who are all experts in their fields. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our services, and we can confidently say that your issue will be solved quickly and easily for a cost-effective price. Give us a call today on 02 4963 3922 for a quote or to find out more about how we can assist!